Game Development


Game Design

Learn more about how we can help you during the initial phases of the game design process. Everything from the research we do, to idea development, economy & level design, a customized design document and marketing strategy.

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Game Programming

Need someone to create your dream game? We can help with initial prototypes, creating custom tooling and even porting your game from another technology. When it's time to release your title, we've got you covered with extensive quality assurance testing and a killer launch day plan.

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Art Production

If visuals aren't your thing, that's okay. It's ours. We can create everything from concept designs to in-game artwork & assets. Let us wireframe and polish your user interfaces and make sure your users love the experience.

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Continuous Development

Have you released your game but need some additional support? Let us do the heavy lifting. We can build out new game features, manage your customer support and even build out special events with live operations.

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Phase 1


Once we have a solid understanding of the game idea with concept drawings, we dive deep into research.

Are there other games out there with a similar idea? It is our job to determine if the idea already exists and to let our clients know.

We work with our clients to refine their ideas to better differentiate it from others.

Phase 2

Design Game Assets

We first start by creating wireframes. These wireframes are visual guides that outline layouts and different screens.

Once approved, we add placeholder images to provide context. These images will later be replaced with final artwork, but this will give the developers and stakeholders a better idea of what’s to come.

Developers will use wireframes to prototype functionality. During this process, our designers will flesh out the final artwork.

Phase 3

Release Candidate

Once all of our teams are confident that the build is stable, we deem it our release candidate.

A release candidate is the final stable version of the game which is a stopping point for new feature development.

Phase 4


Enabling the right support channel for your game is so important. We can help you build a support team and automated methods to capture details about what your users were doing when they experienced a problem.

Our Work

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