Continuous Development

We can build out new game features, manage your customer support and even build out special events with live operations.

New Feature Development

New features may introduce more levels, dungeons, characters or even expanded game mechanics. New Feature Development is very similar to the full-cycle game production process, but on a smaller scale. If we’ve built the original game for you, adding additional features makes it that much easier.

Live Operations

Live Operations are all about on-going support once your game has gone live. We consider what happens after your game is released, just as important as the initial development stages. We believe in keeping a game fresh by adding in timed events, updating artwork, fixing bugs, balancing economy and listening to our users on their pain points.

Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy and engaged is key to your products success. Having an easy way for them to speak their mind or report a bug is critical. We do this by having simple portals where users can submit their issues and feedback. We are commited to responding within 1 business day to any issue and resolving it as quickly as possible.