Recipe Rescue

A delicious new take on the classic match-3 puzzle you love! It’s up to you, and Nana Nutmeg to infuse restaurants with scrumptious new recipes! Grab your apron and cook your way through challenging restaurants, and raise to the top! Mix and match ingredients for mouth-watering combinations, and create delectable dishes that leave your customers drooling for more!

"I really enjoy this game but I think I need to slow down cuz now I’m waiting on the next levels to open."
Kim Miller
"I am so proud to be playing a game that is developed by people that really listen to the players! There are not enough games where the development team listens to the players ."
Darlene Barnard
"I love this game. I need more team mates on this game."
Connie Hymes
"I love this game, I am so hooked, best game have have played yet, I usally get bored very fast with these types of games, but not this one keep it coming, love it."
Maryellen Richard